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For 2mm-13mm DG Drill
Re-sharpening , Angle 118°-140°
For 2mm-13mm Twist Drill
Re-sharpening , Angle 90°-140°
Precise Grinding Results , Precision Assurance within 0.02mm
Easy to Operate , grinding a drill within 10 seconds.
Special Design High Accuracy Alloy Steel Collets
Accurate Grinding consumption 0.2mm
High Efficiency DC motor
Stable Quality GE Diamond Dust Grinding Wheel
Considerable Design, Invisible Tool Box, Delicate & Friendly Use
Portable Design with only weight 12.5 kgs.

 GS-9 Twist Drills 90°-140°
 Twist drill bits
 NC spotting
 Universal drill bits
 Deep-slot drill bits
 GS-9 DG Drills 118°-135°
 DG Twist drill bit


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