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TMCV Corporation has more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of grinding machine manufacturing, we have spend long term investing in the production technology, with a very strict production quality control, all of the high-precision components were processed and tested through our factories, even to improve our product efficiency and lifespan, we have our own motor production

line, each motor must get across with the temperature, pressure and insulation testing before formally leave the factory; because of the machine's high-quality, our GSC portable grinding machine have occupied a 81% of  the grinding drill machine market in Taiwan.
Apart from Taiwan, we are also actively involved in international marketing, participating in international exhibitions to introduce our quality products to the users who need the cutting tool re-grinding around the world, further more for the needs of different regions, we have achieved the European CE certification and CSA, UL certification for the North America market.
Currently GSC portable drill grinding machine has been successfully accepted in the international market; now Europe, America, Latin America and Japan customers besides enjoying the convenience brought by GSC portable grinding drill machine, also facilitate the increase in production capacity, lower production costs and maximizing the effectiveness.
TMCV Corporation is the only enterprise in the field of grinding machine industry, who still improving in innovation, diversification, start the very beginning from GS-1 and continued research and develop to the current GS-76 and other different function models to meet the market requirement; in the future will focus on upgrading the quality of the machine, the use of new materials to innovate more stronger, lighter and concise machines; also will continue developing more models for different functions and needs.
In addition of machine's quality, at the same time TMCV Corporation adhere the supremacy concept of customer service; we give a strong support for our partners, including customer technical training, after sales service, etc. We could also design exclusive special models to comply with customer needs and also assist the marketing strategy of our partners.
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